About Us

We are a small brick-&-mortar, Mom-&-Pop used book & record shop in the heart of the nation's oldest outdoor food market. With only 600 square feet to work with, we curate our shelves carefully, constantly preening, scouting, weeding, discounting and restocking to keep browsers interested visit after visit.

We are thrilled to expand our selection through this website and to offer the ecommerce option. Still, our hearts are rooted in our storefront on 9th Street and we invite you to visit us there whenever you're in the area.

A Short History

Molly Russakoff is a third generation bookseller, a poet, long-time 9th Street resident and businesswoman and member of the city's literary community. She opened the shop on 9th Street in 2001 as Molly's Cafe & Bookstore. Her time at Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics in the late 1970s, informed the spirit of the shop and, during the first several years she hosted hundreds of arts and literary events.

Molly & Joe began working together in 2009 when Molly asked Joe to help price a box of records. In time, a few milk crates on folding tables were replaced by proper record bins as vinyl grew to equal books in prominence in the shop. The sign was repainted to read Molly's Books & Records. Love flourished. Three years later they married, at the checkout booth in the presence of Molly's parents and her two kids. Then they walked down the street to the Villa di Roma for dinner to celebrate.


We're located at 1010 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.